Why Emotional Intelligence Assessments Are Critical For Your Business

The cost of a bad hire can affect your company on various levels; the time and resources wasted are unrecoverable, and the lasting effects on your company reputation can be harmful. Screening candidates from the start for their prospective roles will save you time and resources. More importantly, you will find the right fit for the position the first time around.

When hiring for executive leadership positions, you will find a great pool of talent with impressive experiences. Finding the Right Fit needs to be customized to your company’s values and needs. Screening assessments are a streamlined way of finding that best fit. The best hire is someone with a high level of emotional intelligence, not just technical savvy and tenure.

Using the best Emotional Intelligence Assessment tools in the market is key. The GENOS® Emotional Intelligence Selection Assessment measures your candidate’s underlying abilities and skills related to how they would react based on their experiences. This tool is excellent for getting a nuanced understanding of your talent’s range of skills and can be completed in 30 minutes.

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Emotional Intelligence recruiting, when accompanied by more role-specific assessments, make for the best hiring practices. Our full scope of tools, from Leadership Development to Conflict Management assessments, give you a data-driven, measurable pulse on existing or potential members of your team. Use these assessments and for a variety of use cases to ensure your organization’s top talent is better optimized for delivering higher quality results.

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