Who is Your Talent Source?

Your Talent Source

Who is Your Talent Source? Your Talent Source, is an Executive Recruiting and Consulting Firm, specializing in recruiting Senior and Mid-Level Management positions for the Manufacturing industry. Focusing in the areas of Aluminum Extrusion and Packaging.

We know that other recruiters and recruiting firms can get you a qualified candidate, but with our extensive experience both in Human Resources, the Aluminum Extrusion and Packaging Industries we know how to find and deliver to you and your hiring managers the “Right” qualified candidates that:

  • Fit your culture
  • Are high potential and
  • Are high performing

We love people, which is a very good thing as we’re in the People Business.  We’d like you to know that our first and top priority is finding highly experienced, knowledgeable talent and matching them with those positions that are the “Right Fit” for them as well as being  well matched with your company’s culture. 

We’re  known for our very personable approach and being there every step of the way for you. And that’s not all, we also offer our personable Candidates Services.

Our Candidates Services include:

  • Resume Review and Recommendations Service
  • Interview Prep Service where we:
    • Spend 30 minutes with you prior to your interview giving you:
    • Our insight into the company
    • Specifics on how to get the MOST out of your interview and
    • Suggestions on what YOU may want to watch out for.
    • Email you detailed information about your interview, including directions.
  • Post Interview Services where we:
    • Make ourselves available to you. We ask/want you to call us right after your interviews
    • Email you what to do after your interview including:
      • Our Post Interview Questionnaire (We want your feedback as well.)
      • Our Strategically formatted Thank You email with examples.
      • Client Feedback:  We’ve heard too many stories from our Management
      • Candidates that rarely do they hear back from the company and if they do,
      • rarely do they receive any feedback which, of course, is incredibly valuable
      • to both YOU and us.
  • Competitive Offer Analysis Service:
    • Jeff Swoyer, Founder and President of Your Talent Source, is very experienced in analyzing competitive offers. You might find this hard to believe, but at times he’s recommended to OUR Candidates to take the “other job” as it was a “BETTER” fit for them.