10 Step Client Recruiting Process

Our 10 Step Client Recruiting Process is tailored to meet each of our client’s unique needs – ensuring that your experience with our company is nothing short of Excellent. And it follows our mission; Recruit and Place the Right Candidates with the Right Companies in the shortest time possible. 

Your Talent Source’s 10 Step Client Recruiting Process
(The following is our basic process and is included in all of searches.  For Contained and Retained Searches
we also will be providing you with additional information, including our in-depth Leadership and Conflict Resolution Assessments.)

  1. Define Your Requirements, What You’ve Done So Far….to include that we:

    1. Understand Your Business
    2. Understand Your Company Culture
    3. On-site visits whenever possible
    4. Are you promoting from within
  2. Pre-planning with Your Hiring Manager
    1. Complete Job Requisition Form
      • Acquire very specific job description
      • Review duties & responsibilities
      • Is there travel involved and what percentage of the time.
      • To whom the position reports
      • Background Requirements
    1. Review Your Hiring Process
      1. When are you wanting to have candidate in place
      2. Are you looking at promoting internal candidates
    2. Compensation Considerations
    3. Attracting Top Candidates
      • Company Image
      • Selling Points
      • Total Compensation
      • Total Benefits
      • Manager-Background & Style
      • Relocation Assistance
  3. Sourcing Candidates: We leave no stone unturned as our approach is comprehensive.
    • Target/Competitor Companies: We’ll ask you for your Target/Competitor Companies
    • We’ll utilize our Internal Database
    • Partner Network Referral:
      We’ll reach out to our Partner Network Referral. Jeff Swoyer, our President, is a Proprietary Member of  The Source Alliance
    • Our Internet Experts:
      We have a strategic partnership with internet experts who use boolean search strings to find uniquely qualified passive candidates.

4. Qualify Candidates:

  • In Depth Interview
  • Find out their available start date
  • Background / Experience
  • Skills & Performance History
  • Career Goals
  • Earning Expectations
  • Prepared to Leave
  • Family Considerations/Relocation
  • Counter Offers

5.  Present You With a Short List of Highly Qualified Candidates
We take things a step further and present you with:

  • Candidate’s Resume
  • Comprehensive Candidate Summary

6. Interview: We coordinate all arrangements

  • Schedule Date & Time
  • Prepare the Candidates You’ll Be Interviewing

7.  Debrief After Interview

  1. We Connect with our Candidates After Their Interviews and Discuss:
    1. Their Interest
    2. Their Questions/Concerns
    3. Prepare them for the next step
  2. We’ll connect with you and provide you with our candidate’s feedback
  3. Discuss with you the next step for this candidate

8.  Employment Negotiations

  • We offer assistance, if desired, with Employment Negotiations
  • Facilitate Acceptance
  • Establish Start Date

9. Assist Candidate With Transition

  1. Prepare for Resignation
  2. Establish Start Date
  3. Provide relocation advice, guidance and support as necessary.

10. Follow Up 30 Days After Hire

  • Candidate
    • Progress/Concerns
    • Comparison with Expectations
  • Client
    • Progress/Concerns
    • Comparison with Expectations